Case Study 
Telefónica MoviStar in Spain acquired Bell South in South America. They feared the perception would be "another Spaniards conquest". Challenge; change that perception.
Client was MoviStar, a communications network, owned by Telefónica in Spain, that acquired Bell South in South America. Telefónica’s concern was that the South Americans might perceive this acquisition as, once again, Spaniards coming to take from them. The challenge was to alter that perception through an entertainment experience.
The Chairman of Telefónica engaged Flannery and two-time Oscar winner Eugenio Zanetti to creatively solve their dilemma and create a memorable event.
We determined that the people of S.A. would appreciate a free family-friendly entertainment experience. We created a memorable experience from Movistar to the people of South America.
We created MoviStar Mágica, an enormous touring spectacle presented in stadiums and broadcast on television. The show was designed to appeal to the senses of South Americans.
The show was immersive and emotional and featured an original story and musical score, grand puppets, a concert stage, a 10-story sphere, lasers, projections, fireworks, a band and a cast of 500 performers.
The show toured and attracted over a million people. The performance in Bogotá Colombia was broadcast live to millions of households.
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