Case Study
"The Who" aren't getting any younger. They have been the sole support of Teen Cancer America. 
Challenge: Create an alternate sustainable entertainment entity to benefit Teen Cancer America.
Client is Teen Cancer America, founded by The Who’s Roger Daltrey & Pete Townshend.
The Who have been the major source of talent in fundraising for the charity. The goal was to create a sustainable source of entertainment for fundraising that did not depend on The Who.
Flannery contributed his trademarked SYMPHANTASY to the endeavor and created a new approach to fundraising for TCA. The idea was to engage with orchestral institutions and utilize their infrastructure to present programs that enhance their season and support TCA.
SYMPHANTASY for TCA is a network of symphony orchestras and regional talent presenting programs produced for TCA. These programs are added to the orchestra’s subscription series. Communities, orchestras and subscribers benefit from the additional programs and TCA’s outreach is expanded through existing networks already in place across America.
This new program has just been launched and orchestras all-across the US are booking programs.
We introduced a young violinist to the FaerieWorlds Festival to promote Symphantasy® for Teen Cancer America. The event was recorded and posted to YouTube which has been viewed nearly 2 million times.
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