With over four decades of unparalleled experience in the entertainment and media industries, the incomparable Daniel Flannery stands as a true luminary in the field.  His extensive expertise spans across various domains, making him a renowned figure in the world of  content creation, production, directing, cinematography, lighting design, and scenography.
Throughout his illustrious career, Flannery has left an indelible mark on the international entertainment and media landscape, having collaborated on a diverse and impressive array of projects.  He has contributed his expertise to television, major motion pictures, monumental world events, including Olympic ceremonies, numerous world expos, and iconic theme parks such as Disney and Universal. His creativity has graced Broadway and the grand stages of opera and ballet. Flannery’s influence is truly omnipresent.
Flannery’s commitment to education and mentorship is enduring. He has shared his knowledge and insights with aspiring talents at prestigious institutions such as USC, UCLA, UCSB, SUNY, and Art Center College of Design.
Flannery’s outstanding contributions have been celebrated with countless awards and accolades, including four Emmy nominations, cementing his status as an industry luminary.
Flannery’s consultation services are in high demand, sought after by industry professionals and global leaders alike. His insights and guidance have played pivotal roles in shaping the entertainment and media landscape.
Discover Flannery’s expertise and artistry, where creativity knows no bounds, and excellence is the benchmark. Explore his services and tap into his extensive experience and visionary approach to elevate your projects.
ENTREPRENEURIAL MINDSET: Adept at approaching challenges with an entrepreneurial mindset, consistently seeking innovative solutions and opportunities for growth
REAL-LIFE CONTEXT AND PERSPECTIVE: Possess a keen ability to analyze situations with a real-life context and perspective, ensuring a practical and effective approach to problem-solving.
TRANSFERABLE AND DURABLE SKILLS: Acquired a diverse set of transferable and durable skills, enabling seamless adaptation to various roles and industries while maintaining a commitment to continuous learning and improvement.
ADAPTABILITY AND FLUENCY: Known for exceptional adaptability and fluency in navigating dynamic and evolving environments, showcasing the ability to thrive amidst change and uncertainty.
MANAGING REMOTE TEAMS: Demonstrated proficiency in effectively managing remote teams, fostering collaboration, communication, and productivity to achieve common goals while ensuring a positive team culture.
KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM THROUGH EARNED EXPERIENCE: A wealth of knowledge and wisdom gained through hands-on experience, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of professional and personal life.
ACHIEVING MULTI-CAREER SUCCESS: Proven track record of achieving success across multiple careers, reflecting a commitment to excellence, adaptability, and a versatile skill set.
LIFE FULFILLMENT THROUGH RELATIONSHIP CULTIVATION: Recognize the significance of cultivating and sustaining meaningful relationships in both professional and personal spheres, understanding that success and fulfillment are intrinsically tied to navigating opportunities and challenges with a strong network.
Lighting Designer
Director of Photography
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