Case Study
Challenge: Attract visitors to the Grand Canyon and promote overnight stays.
Client was EKN Development Group, a forward thinking development group that focuses on retail and hospitality and pursues unique locations with diverse demand drivers and high barriers-to-entry.
Flannery was engaged to create a cultural centre within a property being developed by EKN at the gateway to the Grand Canyon. No one within the organization or the project could define a cultural center. Anything to do with the Grand Canyon is highly sensitive with the parks organizations and the indigenous people who have inhabited the canyon forever.
First, Flannery branded the property "Condor", based on the exquisite California Condor, the largest bird in North America. The Grand Canyon is where you can discover these creatures today. The concepts, story and design of the project are all in service to the condor. .This direction avoided the noise of all the other businesses claiming stakes with the Grand Canyon and did not step on the culture of the indigenous but rather celebrated an bird that is revered by them. 
This development sits across the street fro4m an Imax. The film presented daily at this Imax is the most profitable in their history. Flannery conceived an entertainment experience that could serve the community, social interest, academic and the investors. Flannery employed evolving cinematography technology and guest experience to immerse visitors in the Grand Canyon virtually and allow them to capture selfies in the most perfect scenarios.
Flannery's concepts are a roadmap for the developer, architect and designers moving into schematic design development. An analysis of the entertainment business plan indicates a high margin of profitability. 
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